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360º AREAS

Dorna Sports manages all sporting, commercial and media aspectsof MotoGP™ and the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championshipin-house with a 360-degree event management approach. The coreof Dorna’s success is an experienced, multinational team of 280fulltime employees, with a further 300 professionals brought onboard for events and at peak times.

The 360-degree method not only ensures efficient organisation and collaboration throughout the company, it also fosters close working relationships with the FIM, promoters, manufacturers, teams, media partners, suppliers and circuits the world over.

Dorna oversees all organisational matters in the preparation of every Grand Prix and is directly involved in the sporting aspect of the competition itself.

Dorna Sports’ continued commercial success in MotoGP™ also pivots on talent promotion, sponsorship, licensing rights and corporate hospitality, as well as operational success.

Attaining the highest quality media production, marketing, communications and PR via digital content builds strong relationships for both the company and Championship.

Dorna ensures the smooth running of events through close working relationships with the FIM, local promoters, manufacturers and teams, as well as supervision of technical rules.

Dorna is continuously searching for talented riders. Widely recognised for its mark of quality in motorcycle racing, Dorna has a strong commitment to young rider development all over the world, using platforms and championships such as the FIM CEV Repsol, the Red Bull MotoGPTM Rookies Cup and the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup to launch new riders’ careers and help them to compete in MotoGPTM in the future.

This area focuses on the relationship between Dorna and international racing circuit partners, regarding the organisation of events:

– Dorna and its Promoters achieve the highest standards of event quality

– Their shared goal is to organise successful international race events

– Dorna has excellent infrastructure at events such as parking, multiple accesses, facilities like the Media Centre, Timekeeping and TV Compound amongst others, making the event an even great success

Dorna works tirelessly with the individual Circuits; coordinating security, access control and parking.

The Logistics area coordinates the transport of materials between races on behalf of Dorna. For events outside of Europe, Logistics staff are also responsible for the transportation of materials for the entire Paddock, including bikes and team equipment.

Additionally, supporting the Commercial department, Operations is also responsible for the placement of advertising on the racetracks.

This area focuses on the relationship between Dorna and its international racing circuit partners, in terms of the organisation of events:

  • Dorna and its Promoters achieve the highest standards of event quality
  • Their shared goal is to organise successful international race events
  • Dorna and its Promoters develop integral sporting strategies together
  • Dorna works tirelessly with its prestigious Promoters
  • The end game is to create bigger and better championships

Dorna produces Live TV coverage from all Grands Prix and Rounds in-house, guaranteeing consistently high quality broadcasts for television partners.

The Live International Programme Feed (IPF) is produced in High Definition Dolby 5.1 using more than 100 High Definition cameras at each GP, including fixed cameras, OnBoard cameras, a Helicam and RF cameras. Dorna is also consistently refining the use of its Super Slow Motion images captured from each track from a Super High Speed SloMo camera.

The Commercial Media Department oversees the commercial management of all MotoGPTM World Championship and WorldSBK commodities, ranging from television content to photographs, data and information. This content is distributed across a range of media platforms that not only includes television but also digital media, print and online publications, broadband content and mobile applications.

The pace of on-track racing action is matched by dynamic delivery of digital content, satisfying the ever-growing demands of a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base armed with the latest technology to enjoy their favourite sport.

Dorna uses cutting edge platforms to provide an exciting, fun, real-time content delivery service to fans around the world, ensuring that the passion and exhilaration of MotoGPTM and WorldSBK is conveyed through a range of mediums.

A full range of activities run parallel to any Grand Prix organised by Dorna. The company runs promotional events, presentations and press conferences – both at and away from the circuit – to provide major exposure for the Grand Prix. Dorna’s PR department is also in charge of the protocol during race weekends, which includes prize-giving podium ceremonies and the coordination of visits to the track by VIP guests or celebrities.

The Communication & PR Department also ensures a tight collaboration between the media and team press officers, in order to facilitate coverage and promotion of MotoGPTM and WorldSBK.

Dorna is completely in charge of two major aspects of any international competition: Timing and Data Processing, provided by TISSOT. The Timing department is the FIM’s official timekeeper service, which validates all results from qualifying and races.

The effectiveness of the Timing system is ensured by the latest technology, including transponders on every single bike, which are checked in 3 different intermediate zones plus the finish line.

The IT department ensures that all the information from the Timing department is distributed on a real-time basis to Race Control, the TV production department, the media center and the championships’ official websites.

At the end of every session it is the IT department that generates all the Official Results.

Through different sponsorship packages, Dorna partners can benefit from the highest association levels with MotoGPTM and WorldSBK at every event, as well as the most favorable exposure values and return on investment towards the achievement of their marketing objectives.

Licensing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods of brand extension available. Since the launch of the MotoGPTM brand in 2000, its recognition has grown to the point where it has become an icon in motorsport and a major bench mark in Sport Licensing. Currently there are over 70 active MotoGPTM Licensees benefiting from associating their brands with MotoGPTM. More than 800 products have been launched worldwide covering an increasingly extensive range of products targeting vast audiences due to the broad appeal of the brand.

The MotoGP VIP VillageTM and the SBK Pit Lounge are the exclusive and official Corporate Hospitality programmes of the MotoGPTM World Championship and the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship. Our select services offer guests full Grand Prix enjoyment in the most exclusive manner. The packages are specifically tailored to cater for the most individual requirements, offering both groups and individuals equally excellent race weekend experiences.

Dorna’s Marketing Department is formed by a network of professionals focused on the promotion of the leading motorcycle racing championships. Building along prestigious global Brands and strong communication platforms.

Each Championship has a dedicated team covering the main Marketing areas to reach the final goal, run a successful event. The main areas are mainly focused on Strategic Marketing, Branding, Corporate Identity, Design,  Research and Business Intelligence. 

Among all the departments in Dorna mainly Sporting, Media & Broadcasting, Social Media and Sponsoring, the Marketing team works aside them to provide the support required overall. Aiming to reach a successful objective which is generating a strong Brand Engagement across their fans and partners around the Globe.