Carlos Ezpeleta

Chief Sporting Officer
Born in Barcelona in 1991, Carlos Ezpeleta moved to Madrid shortly after, where he studied at Numont Primary School and the International College of Spain. His passion for both sports and motorsport business resulted in him obtaining a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

During these years, he combined studying with four-wheel racing which led him to take part in the Spanish Endurance Championship in 2012 as well as consecutive titles in the GSeries ice-racing championship in 2017 and 2019.

Carlos has had extensive experience in the different areas of MotoGPTM since he started working at Dorna Sports as an intern in 2007 assisting with TV footage of incidents. During his university years he shifted to the technical area of the Championship becoming involved with scrutineering. He started working for Dorna full-time in 2013 as the coordinator of the Medical Team and as the Safety Car driver. Directing the Sporting Department since 2017, Carlos was then named a Managing Director of the company in 2020.

In 2021, his title changed to Chief Sporting Officer, although his responsibilities remain largely unchanged. Carlos is directly responsible for the Sporting and Technical areas of the Championships as well as overseeing activities in the Promoters, Operations and Talent Promotion departments, where some of his duties include being the Dorna representative liaising and reaching consensus with the other Governing Bodies of the World Championship (FIM, IRTA, MSMA), mediating in the Grand Prix Commission, and engaging in matters related to the MotoGPTM regulations.

Dorna’s Managing Directors work side-by-side with motorcycle racing’s governing bodies, expanding from the main focus on MotoGPTM to other leading motorcycle racing championships across the globe.

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