Manel Arroyo

Chief Commercial Officer
Manel Arroyo was born in Vic (Barcelona) on May 10th 1960. In his early years Arroyo worked for Radio Nacional de España as a journalist and in 1986 he joined the national Spanish television broadcaster (TVE) as a Formula 1, motorbike and rugby commentator. In 1988 he became Communications Director and Press Manager of the Real Automobil Club de Catalunya (RACC). He was a member of the team that designed and built the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. In 1991 he was part of the team that organized the first Formula 1 Gran Premio de España at the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya and the team which added the Catalunya Rally entry to the FIA World Rally Championship calendar.

Arroyo was also a board member of FC Barcelona from 2010 to 2018, as well as Vice President of the club from 2014 to 2018. His direct responsibilities were in the area of Sales, Marketing and Communication.

Manel Arroyo became a Managing Director of Dorna Sports & MotoGP™ in 1992. In this role he was responsible for all Media activities and his main expertise was the Management of Content, Production, Sales and distribution via all media platforms. He also managed Dorna’s relationship with the Media and traditional Press.

In 2021 Arroyo was named the head of a new Global Commercial Area encompassing media and sponsorship, assuming the responsibilities of Chief Commercial Officer as well as continuing to lead the Media Area.

Dorna’s Managing Directors work side-by-side with motorcycle racing’s governing bodies, expanding from the main focus on MotoGPTM to other leading motorcycle racing championships across the globe.

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