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In 2014 Dorna started to endorse certain programmes around the world. These can be either promotional cups or training activities. These programmes have to comply with certain requirements put forward by Dorna. As a reward, these programmes receive the denomination of “Programme Endorsed by Dorna”. They are also entitled to many other benefits. This is part of Dorna’s continuous dedication to search for talented riders.

Dorna already does this by directly organising various cups and championships. FIM CEV Repsol and Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup are just two examples of the many activities in which Dorna is involved directly. Dorna believes it is important to follow a rider’s motorcycling career from the very beginning. Therefore it endorses such programmes to be able to follow riders across the globe from a young age.

This will give Dorna the possibility to have a pool of riders across the world that can then access Dorna’s various cups or championships if they have the racing level needed. Programmes that comply with the requirements will have the benefit to be displayed on Dorna’s website and to organise promotional activities during Dorna’s events across the world.

Programmes that have already been endorsed by Dorna are: