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The pace of the on-track MotoGP™ action needs to be matched by a dynamic delivery of content, in the process satisfying the ever-growing demands of a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base who utilise the latest methods of technology to enjoy their favourite sport.
In this manner MotoGP™ takes advantage of the most up-to-date platforms for the delivery of content to provide an exciting, fun and instant service to fans around the world, ensuring that the passion and exhilaration of MotoGP™ is conveyed through a range of mediums.
A comprehensive mobile service incorporates Applications that enhance the MotoGP™ experience, as well as including the distribution of content and games, whilst broadband provides excellent video content across a range of internet portals. A strong online presence enforces the digital presence of MotoGP™, with the official motogp.com website offering an extensive range of content which is supplemented by the use of social media sites.